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Internet Explorer Password Unlocker is a password recovery tool
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Internet Explorer Password Unlocker is a password recovery tool. It can supposedly recover your passwords that you have typed by using the Internet Explorer browser. It is also supposed to do this without any brute-force or dictionary-based attacks. On the website, it says that the application can recover passwords by simply tapping into your Internet Explorer Temporary File. The website says that all versions of Internet Explorer are supported, but the Help menu in the actual application says version 6 was the last supported version.

In my testing, I launched this app and then I browsed a few password-protected sites. First I opened a Yahoo mail account and told Internet Explorer to save the password, just to make things easier for this app. After that, I went to Hotmail, and I didn't save the password. To tell the application to start looking for passwords, you have to click on the "Search" button. When I did that, I got no logins and no passwords. I am running version 8 of Internet Explorer. I even restarted both Internet Explorer and this app, and the result was still a whole lot of nothing. Internet Explorer has been known to contain bugs, but thankfully, it wasn't easy for this app to grab the passwords that I had used with it.

José Fernández
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